[Tex/LaTex] ACM’s acmart clashes with libertine


I'm preparing a document using the acmart.cls class file of ACM. When I compile, it keeps showing me this warning:

Class acmart Warning: You do not have libertine package installed. Please upgrade your TeX on input line 611.

However, I can still compile, and get the pdf file. To get rid of this warning, I tried to install libertine. It then requires several other packages including biolinum-type1.

Now when I compile the file again, I got several errors, not warning.

! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `tt' for package `biolinum-type1'.
! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `type1' for package `biolinum-type1'.
! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `tt' for package `libertine-type1'.
! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `type1' for package `libertine-type1'.

I couldn't get the pdf file.

Update: I'm using Ubuntu 17, and my latex version is:

pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.17 (TeX Live 2016/Debian)  
kpathsea version 6.2.2

Update 2: I accidentally figured out the problem. Actually I do not understand why there is the problem. But there is a package called newtx, and if I deleted it, the errors above disappeared, and I could compile a pdf file.

However, I installed newtx because acmart told me to do so. After I delete it, now I have the warning.

You do not have newtxmath package installed. Please upgrade your

Best Answer

My guess is that you installed an old version of libertine. Reinstall a new one from https://ctan.org/tex-archive/install/fonts

The CTAN information on biolinum-type1 says that is obsolete. From https://ctan.org/pkg/biolinum-type1 :

The pack­age (and the com­pan­ion lib­er­tine-type1 pack­age of serif fonts) re­placed the lib­er­tine-legacy bun­dle. How­ever, the pack­ages do not pro­vide the range of font shapes avail­able with lib­er­tine-legacy. The pack­age is now su­per­seded by the au­thor’s lib­er­tine font pack­age.

Also, I suspect you might also be able to ignore messages about a missing libertine. When I recently did using on a paper using acmart and option acmtogs, I got that message too and was able to ignore it.

However since you happen to be running this on Ubuntu, I'll add another tip. I needed to install install to texlive-xetex in addition to the other texlive debian packages.

One tool you might be able to use to help you track down problems is the system checker in kile. So run

$ sudo apt install kile
$ kile

Then inside kile, in the very top toolbar (on my desktop it appears at the very upper left corner), select SettingsSystem Check and that will give you some idea if you've installed TeX and LaTeX properly.