[Tex/LaTex] ACM sigconf not working in new template 2017


I am trying to prepare my article with the new ACM template available Here. When I compile I get the following errors everytime. That means, that these commands are not recognized by tex or the class file which they are calling acmart.dtx is not linked properly.


! Undefined control sequence.
l.18 \acmDOI 
The control sequence at the end of the top line

There are many such errors. Kindly, help me.


I downloaded the zip file from the link pointed above. Then I extracted the files to the acmart folder. It contained acmart.dtx, and few other tex files for sig conferences, journals and the file sigconf.tex.

Now, I compiled the sigconf.tex file to get the errors specified above.

enter image description here

Best Answer

OSX 10.11 here. Running tex acmart.ins using TeXShop fails with errors. Fortunately, I found the missing acmart.cls file on the SIGPLAN website:


I wonder why ACM didn't include it in the zip archive.