[Tex/LaTex] A curly brace with an asymmetric cusp


I am trying to write one set of equations implying the next, inline with text. What I would like to do is something like the following:

And so, 
\(\left. \begin{array}[t]{l}
a \\
b \\ 
\end{array} \right\}
\Rightarrow \left. \begin{array}[t]{l}
d \\
e \\ 
\end{array} \right\}\)

But instead of producing the desired result (bottom) it produces the top one.

Is there a different symbol I can use other than \}?

a set of equations implying the next

Best Answer

It's fiddly, but it works. Using abraces you can align the entire construction vertically and then rotate/move it into place:

enter image description here

And so, 
       \mrot{d} & \mrot{e} & \mrot{f}
     \end{array}} \\
   \mrot{\Rightarrow} \hspace{2.3\normalbaselineskip} \\
       \mrot{a} & \mrot{b} & \mrot{c}
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