Alternative for an exponent’s position


Is there an elegant way to adjust the position of an exponent for a particular parameter ? For instance, in this image, we can see that the exponent is too close from the main letter R and the indexes {E-G}

enter image description here

I am simply using the basic syntax :

Is there an alternative for this use case ?

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Best Answer

I don't think you should try to “fix” it.

If “E-G” are “indexes” (indices), shouldn't they be typeset in upright type with a hyphen rather than a minus sign?

Here are a few ways to interpret the issue. Take your pick.

Note. fleqn and leqno are used just to get a smaller picture with numbers for reference. See the comments in the code to see what each line accomplishes.



% no fix
\frac{\rho g H^4}{R_{E-G}^{2}}
% no cramped style
\frac{\rho g H^4}{\textstyle R_{E-G}^{2}}
% move the subscript down
\frac{\rho g H^4}{R_{E-G}^{\vphantom{y}2}}
% move the superscript right
\frac{\rho g H^4}{R_{E-G}^{\,2}}
% both movements
\frac{\rho g H^4}{R_{E-G}^{\,\vphantom{y}2}}
% textual subscript
\frac{\rho g H^4}{R_{\textup{E-G}}^{2}}
% textual subscript moved down
\frac{\rho g H^4}{R_{\textup{E-G}}^{\vphantom{y}2}}


enter image description here

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