MATLAB: Saving plot as pdf in loop

pdfplotsaveaswhile loop

I am trying to save a figure in a while loop as a pdf. Currently I am getting the correct name for the figure but it is saving as .fig instad of .pdf.
Mass_ = 'Mass_map_';
month = name(14:15);
saveas(gcf, sprintf(strcat(Mass_, month),'.pdf'))
Thanks for any help, I am pretty new to matlab so any advice is taken

Best Answer

Hi Elise,
The ' sprintf ' function is used for formatting certain input data to string. I am not entirely sure about your use of the 'sprintf' function to define the name for the pdf file. Since your figure is getting saved as a .fig file, I would recommend you to use the following syntax for the ' saveas ' function.
>> saveas(gcf,'MyPDFFileName','pdf');
The above code will save the current figure in a file MyPDFFileName.pdf. Depending on the type & dimensions of the 'name' variable in the code snippet you have provided, you can set the name of the PDF file accordingly.
I hope this helps!