MATLAB: How i can load and using file with type .data for dataset for training and testing of Neural network

datasetletter recognition using neural network

Hi all.
I want to make project for letter recognition data using neural network. I found this dataset: but, i don't know how to load and using first 16000 items for training and the remaining 4000 for testing of Neural network from this .data file.

Best Answer

fid = fopen('', 'rt');
num_attrib = 16;
fmt = ['%s', repmat('%f', 1, num_attrib)];
datacell = textscan(fid, fmt, 'Delimiter', ',', 'CollectOutput', 1);
which_letter = datacell{1};
attribs = datacell{2};
target_codes = which_letter - 'A' + 1;
Then one way of dividing the data would be
train_set = attribs(1:end-4000, :);
train_targets = target_codes(1:end-4000);
test_set = attribs(end-3999:end, :);
test_targets = target_codes(end-3999:end);
This is probably not what you would use in practice in the Neural Network Toolbox: you would normally program it in terms of parameters; see