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Good morning,
I would like to ask you some help with writing a script. I have a beam with variable length. On this beam there are two types of load, whose values are 4 and 8. These two values alternate every 3 meters. I would like to write a script that for a number of times, starting from a fixed length, adding three meters for every loop, automatically it alternates the value of 4 and of 8.
For example starting from a beam of 12 meters, I have the loads which are 4, 8, 4 equidistant (3 meters from each other). I want to start a loop of 10 iteration, which adds 3 meter to the starting beam length (12 + 3) and add the load equal to 8 for the first iteration; for the second iteration it adds again 3 meters (12 + 3 + 3) and the added load is 4. These procedure should be performed n times.
Thanks a lot for your availability.

Best Answer

% initialize n
length_of_beam = 12;
for i = 1 : n
length_of_beam = length_of_beam +3;
if mod(i,2) == 0
load(i) = 8;
load(i) = 4;