MATLAB: Accessing Workspace variables


I currently have a list of arrays in my workspace that I loaded in from a .mat file. They are all really large 2 column arrays, that I need to combine and sort and place into a csv file. My goal is to automate the process so it can work for all different types of files.
The issue is that I do not know how to access variables in the workspace without typing in their names. So for instance lets say I have variable A in the workspace. I want to be able to access the data inside of A without directly using the variable name A in my code. That way I can loop through all the variables stored inside of the workspace and take out the data and put it into my new csv. I'm currently getting the variable names from who and trying to use eval() to actually get the data but I can't seem to get it working correctly.
I hope I made my question clear, thanks for your time.

Best Answer

Sorry, Erik. I didn't read your question carefully enough.
Try this: