[Tex/LaTex] “! You can’t use `\end’ in internal vertical mode.” Error


I am using TEX editor and have written the following code:

\documentclass[10  pt,a4paper,twoside,reqno]{amsart} 
\textwidth = 12.5 cm 
\textheight = 20 cm 
\topmargin = 0.5 cm 
\oddsidemargin = 1 cm 
\evensidemargin = 1 cm 
\title{Some Title}
\author{My Name}
\date{July 25, 2015}
\abstract{Some text....
Some text.....


When I click "Quick Build" I get the following error ! You can't use `\end' in internal vertical mode. on Line 27 (Line containing \end{document}). Please explain why does this error occur and how should I got about fixing it.

Best Answer

The abstract for an amsart document should be given in environment for


Given as just \abstract, TeX is collecting a box, and you can't end the run the document in that situation. As there's no \end{abstract} you never close the box properly.

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