[Tex/LaTex] writing springer book in lyx


I followed the instructions given at http://wiki.lyx.org/Examples/Springer to install classes to write a Springer book. I am writing a single-author book. The installation has worked fine.

Now how do I exactly write a book in the Springer template in LyX?

There doesn't seem to be any other tutorial for that (or even a simple step-by-step instruction)

How to I make Lyx use svmono? Do I write each chapter one-by-one? Do I write a combined chapter?


Best Answer

Read the bottom of the site which you linked:

LyX includes the template files svjour3.lyx for the sbvjour3 class, svmono_book-master.lyx for the svmono class and svmult_editor-master.lyx for the svmult class. (The files svmult_author.lyx and svmult_appendix.lyx are subdocuments of svmult_editor-master.lyx.)

So start Lyx, menu file, new from template, choose the appropriate template, write the first words, save it and you started.

Lyx is really good for beginning to use LaTeX.

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