[Tex/LaTex] Writing Gauss-Jordan Transformation Matrix


I am having trouble writing procedure for Gauss-Jordan transformation matrix in LaTeX.

I want to write something like

      r2 - r1         r3-2r1
[A|I] -------> [A'|I'] ----->

and so on
with the corresponding transformations (e.g., r2-r1) on top of the arrows. Could you give me an example code of how to do this? I only know that I need \bmatrix for matrices with [], but I do not know how to split them in between with a vertical line |.

Thanks a lot!

Best Answer

With amsmath you can use


that will produce an arrow wide enough to accommodate the thing on top.

In order to split matrices you need to use array


With the @{} at both sides you'll get output similar to that of bmatrix.

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