[Tex/LaTex] Winedt 7, Doesn’t show greek correctly


I have this problem. I use WinEdt 6 to write latex documents and the main language is greek. Up to now i had no problem and i could, when fisrt installing a new version of WinEdt, find a way of having it "read" greek characters properly. Now i'm trying WinEdt 7 and all greek part of the text shows wrong. I tried looking at the relative options but nothing seems to work.
I believe the problem is related to the fact that WinEdt 7 has changed the way it supports unicode from version 6. Any tips?

Thank you in advance

Best Answer

Problem solved and this because of the suggestion to click on tex in the status line. Even though I use WinEdt for a long time i was not aware of this option, so thanks once more!! By clicking on tex in the status line of WinEdt 7 Document Settings window pops-up. In WinEdt 7 there is a new tab that appears called CP Converter. There I had Document Format: ANSI and the new thing was that i played with: Custom ANSI Code Page, which i set to: 1253 Windows 3.1 Greek. Then i pressed apply and then reload and it worked and greek showed properly!!

Thank you all!!