[Tex/LaTex] Will it ever be possible to use wrapfig with an enumerate or itemize environment


wrapfig is incompatible with the enumerate and itemize environments. Is there a typographical reason not to wrap a list around a figure or is it a technical limitation of LaTeX? If it is a technical limitation, is there any work (new packages or changes to LaTeX) currently being done to eliminate the limitation in the future?

Edit: To respond to some of the comments: I realize that there are "gymnastics" which can make this work. I do not have an example of the problem. Whenever I run into a problem with wrapfig because it is near an enumerate or itemize environment, I search for an easy solution, find none, and move the figure elsewhere. In the vast majority of cases, the cost of learning the complex solutions isn't worth the benefit of keeping the figure where I want it.

Best Answer

FWIW, wrapfigure works out of the box in ConTeXt. So, it is clearly not a limitation of TeX.





  \item \input ward
  \item \input ward
  \item \input ward


which gives:

enter image description here

Removing 2*hang from \placefigure gives:

enter image description here