[Tex/LaTex] Why are Bitmap-Fonts used automatically


I have the following LaTeX-document:






 This is a report about my praxis phase at the company foo bar which I enjoyed.


Much to my frustration, compiling with pdflatex creates a document with Bitmap-fonts. The reader's font-list shows that it uses Type3 fonts.

If I remove the fontenc loading, then I get a PDF using vector-fonts, but I heard that I should keep it, for having native German Umlauts working.

Does anyone know how I can get vector fonts with T1, and why it keeps using bitmap fonts if I have that package-load line in it?

Best Answer

The standard Computer Modern fonts are in OT1 encoding, so when you request T1 font encoding bitmap fonts are used. Install the package cm-super to get Computer Modern fonts with T1 support.

There's no change in your document needed. Just install cm-super using the MiKTeX Package Manager or the TeX Live Manager. The package manager will update the font map files for you. Then recompile.

While this is a solution for fixing the default look, consider using a T1 supporting font, such as Latin Modern, which has been designed as successor to Computer Modern and thus is very similar but intended to be better. For the decision, this may help:

And for trying yourself, just add:

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