[Tex/LaTex] Which web forums specialize in LaTeX general discussion


What is the most popular web forum specializing in general discussion of LaTeX? I'm asking for standard LaTeX using pdftex, not LuaTeX or XeTeX or ConTeXt. But, If there's a popular forum that has general open-ended discusses of ALL TeX varieties, then I'd like to visit it to too, if a large volume of it is regarding LaTeX with pdfTeX compiling.

I'm currently an end user, using LaTeX to typeset books, soon to be self-published commercially. They are mostly narrative in small format, such as 8.5" X 5.5". I've discovered LaTeX is an extremely powerful and efficient system for what I need.

I don't use it within a scientific/academic setting, and so I say that without using one of it's most lauded features: mathematical typesetting, and technical style sectioning and sub-sectioning.

I'm helping plan a small Indie-Publishing outfit and would like to develop some templates to personalize our style. I could even see developing a class for us, strictly for narrative books, perhaps one day even forking LaTeX for us (perhaps others who might find it suits them too) I'd like to have a version customized for narrative books, that includes a simplified "markdown" environment for writing the chapters of the book with less "code" scattered around in it, then using something akin to "/input{filename}" to typeset it professionally for commercial publication.

Best Answer

The major bona fide web forum is LaTeX Community which is run by one of our moderators here, Stefan Kottwitz.

There is also the texhax mailing list.

And the newsgroup comp.text.tex.