[Tex/LaTex] Which database documentation software do you use for LaTeX (in Linux)


I am looking for a database documentation software where I want to incorporate the output in LaTeX. I want to show the table structures, primary keys and other related information.

I found pst-dbicons (http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/graphics/pstricks/contrib/pst-dbicons) at CTAN. I will forced to use this if I don't find an alternative. But I am not exactly looking for an ER diagram software.

Best Answer

Based on the comments and web search, eventually I came up with a working framework for my purpose which might be useful for others.

enter image description here

sqlt-graph --show-datatypes -l dot -n record -f MySQL -t png --graphattr center,margin="0.0,0.0",overlap=false,sep=10,size="20.0,14,0",orientation=landscape --nodeattr fontsize=24,fontname=Helvetica --edgeattr weight=0.05,len=2.0 -o output.png input.sql

  • This produces a .png file which can be used in LaTeX or anywhere else.

  • When included in LaTeX, the output looks something like this (partially smudged out to preserve confidentiality).

Sample output from real life

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