[Tex/LaTex] When should we use \rput, \nput, and \uput


I am writing a short tutorial for my friends about PSTricks. So I have to systematically explain the available macros such as \nput, \rput and \uput (among others) and reduce the possibility of confusion that might happen to my friends.

I am also confused with the naming convention adopted by PSTricks for the macros above. What do n, u, r actually stand for? And what did the author want them to behave specially?

If one macro can be replaced by other macros without much effort, I will suggest the reader to forget it and use the more powerful ones. Remembering many macros (with slightly different feature but replaceable) seem to be difficult for the beginners.

Best Answer

\nput node put

\rput ref put

\uput user put

\aput above node put

\cput center node put

\bput below node put

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