[Tex/LaTex] What to do when a line in a bibliography entry overflows


The usual solution to fix lines that overflow is to rewrite it. However, that hardly works with bibliography entries that experience the same problem.

So what can I do to fix it? I can't rewrite anything since the information needs to be "as-is". I can't provide a minimal example because if I take the entry that overflows in my document, then the problem fixes itself as the font, font size and margins change.


Even though I've accepted an answer, please submit more answers if you have a good approach for addressing this issue. Maybe it can assist someone else who have the same problem and don't want to resort to using "ragged right".

Best Answer


%\RaggedRight %% needs package ragged2e

or similiar, if you are using biblatex. It is always a good idea to set the bibliography ragged right if you have a lot of urls, which should always be set with \url{...} (needs the package of the same name)

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