[Tex/LaTex] What does [t] and [ht] mean


I would appreciate if someone could tell me difference between [t] and [ht] in the following example? I don't see a difference in the output pdf file.




Best Answer

These are optional parameters to fine tune the placement of tables and figures, with the following meaning:

  • h, here
  • t, top
  • b, bottom
  • p, page of float

and LaTeX will try to honour the placement with respect to the actual place, the top or bottom of the page, or a separate page of floats coming immediately after the present insertion point. For example, when using ht LaTeX will try to put the figure at the insertion point, then on the top of the next page if it happens to violate its typesetting rules. You may also force LaTeX to "insist" on these specifications by adding an exclamation mark (!) before the placement parameters, e.g. \begin{figure}[!htb].

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