[Tex/LaTex] What are the advantages of Lua over other scripting languages for a TeX implementation


The question is inspired by Martin Schröder's answer to I am new to TeX. Should I use LaTeX, XeLaTeX, …? as well as my two previous questions on this forum:

  1. Automatic document update
  2. Generate LaTeX Truth Table with Python Cheetah

In retrospect, I am truly surprised that no LuaTeX user offered any answers to my questions as it seems to me that that could be easily done in LuaTeX by embedding Lua scripts into the LaTeX code. Can it be really done (question for LuaTeX users only) and is it easy?

My second question is motivated by the fact that I hate very thought of having to learn another scripting/general programming language (Lua) if I already know Python (you can substitute Perl if you like) just to use it with TeX. Is anybody cooking a Python interface for TeX call it PythonTeX for short
(PerlTeX actually does exist)? As far as I know PythonTeX doesn't exist. There is something called PyTeX but that just look like a tool for people who want to type TeX documents using Python syntax.

Is there an advantage of using Lua over Python as an embedded scripting language for TeX (apart of the fact that people who started LuaTeX probably were more familiar with Lua)?

Best Answer

The LuaTeX developers have commented on their choice of Lua over other languages, including Python, on their home page.

Embedding the interpreter is one thing, and apparently no fun with Python. Another is to actually make the innards of TeX visible to the embedded interpreter. While much of the communication code could likely be adapted in some way from LuaTeX to PythonTeX, it will still be a lot of work.

A better approach may be to cheat a bit, and simply piggyback on the LuaTeX interpreter. There is a bridge that 'embeds' Python inside Lua called Lunatic Python, and maybe it can be made to work with LuaTeX also. However, it may be easier to just use XML-RPC: Let LuaTeX spawn a Python process, which acts as the XML-RPC server. LuaTeX commands can then make calls to the Python process. Bonus feature: Once this is implemented on the LuaTeX side, it can be used with any other scripting language, not just Python.

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