[Tex/LaTex] verbatim environment does not produce monospace


I use quite a lot packages in my document and I cannot find which one's fault is that verbatim does not produce monospaces. Anyway, if I knew this, I have no idea how to solve problems when packages are not friendly to each other, so is there any solution with so little information?

I just tried to look how does verbatim reacts to other packages I use, and font differently changed almost with every new package, however, it looked (more or less) not so bad. So the problem is because of language I use, what probably makes my problem more difficult to solve for those, who doesn't use these.

for i=0:10
    y(find(x < 0 & x > 1)) = 10;

Edited with new relevant situation:
lithuanian caused one more font problem. I cannot get Times font with \usepackage{pslatex}, how to fix this?

Best Answer

It seems that the "Lithuanian package" invoked by the L7x option doesn't set correctly the default typewriter type family: the following way to set up the document should work.