[Tex/LaTex] Variation of Computer Modern font in IEEEtran document class


This is really a mystery for me — how to make up the following equations, which are very common in IEEEtran:

Another example:

enter image description here

They look quite similar to the standard CM font in latex, but not exactly the same. I tried many other fond packages but none of them produce like that. Especially, the \mathbb{} seems different and other symbols look more compact.

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The screenshots you posted feature the following fonts

  • text font: Times Roman (upright) [default for IEEEtran document class]
  • math font: Computer Modern [also the default]
  • "blackboard bold": either Fourier or Boondox

As @egreg has already pointed out in a comment, this font combination is anything but successful. In fact, the combination is poor. Compare, e.g., the form of the digit 1 in the equations with the form on the final line of text. Observe that Computer Modern almost looks "spindly" and thin next to the darker, less contrasty Times Roman. The serif-style Computer Modern font doesn't harmonize with the sans-serif blackboard-bold letters E and P.

enter image description here

I you must use the IEEEtran document class -- and hence are stuck with Times Roman as the main text font -- I suggest you not specify the document class option times; doing so will load the obsolete txfonts package. Instead, load the packages newtxtext and newtxmath via \usepackage statements.

enter image description here

For the sake of completeness, here's the code that generated the screenshots shown above.

%\usepackage[bb=fourier]{mathalfa} % or 'boondox'?

P_{ij}=\frac{5}{n(m+n)}\sum_{l=0}^{m-1} \frac{1}{5+l} \mathbb{P}(L=l)
where $L$ is the number of agents in $\mathcal{M}$ that land in the neighborhood of $i$. The summation is just
which is clearly upper bounded by 1, so \dots
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