[Tex/LaTex] Using the \tab Command


I have seen several cases of people using the \tab command to insert a specific amount of space between objects (as opposed to the \hfill command which uses any remaining space). However, I have never been able to get \tab to work. Are there any specific packages or environments that are supposed to accompany \tab?

Best Answer

The command \tab exists, but it produces quite a large space. It also requires the use of the package tabto.

Alternative options are \quad and \qquad; the space produced is probably more what you are looking to create. These commands do not require extra packages and can be stacked (e.g. Stuff Over Here \quad \quad \quad More Stuff Over Here) if needed.

You might also want to try using either $\>$ or $\-$. Neither command requires any extra packages, but both must be in math mode. Although neither command by itself gives a large space like \tab does, the space produced is small. However, you can stack the commands in order to get the spacing you want.

Hope this helps.