[Tex/LaTex] Using subfig package with bmcart class breaks caption formatting


I am writing a paper for a journal and have to use the bmcart class of the BioMed Central template found here (direct link to ZIP file).

I use subfigures, but as soon as I load the subfig package, all figure and subfigure captions become misformatted, i.e., they are shown in a different font and they overflow the bounding box that this template draws around every figure. As a minimal example, it suffices to load the subfig package in the file bmc_article.tex provided as template.

My question: how do I insert subfigures without breaking the formatting?

Best Answer

I tried the sample article and found that loading subfig with the proper option works:


Adding this to the sample file

  \caption{\csentence{Sample figure title.}
      Figure legend text.}

gives the following result:

enter image description here