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I've got a main-file which includes the preamble. I then use \import to put together all chapters of my final document. When saving the main-file in another directory than the chapter-files I get the message:

! LaTeX Error: File `GDP.tex' not found.

Isn't the idea of \import to import files from different directories? Is there maybe something wrong with my code?





Best Answer

When using the import package (which provides the \import command), you must ensure that the path argument includes the trailing slash /. So you need to do:


Note the / at the end of the path.

Update 2020 As of v6.2 (part of TL 2020) the trailing slash is no longer required.

As others have noted in the comments, it's usually better to use the \include command for this kind of thing, although the import package does have some interesting capabilities for relative names within the included documents. See Keep chapter number of chapters inserted with \include for an example.

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