[Tex/LaTex] Using cls file – “the document class provides `book’.”


I am co-writing a book and I've been sent the publishers LaTeX template which contains their style files. At first I was getting the error ietbook.cls file not found – the following seemed to be the error:


The file name was:


After I have changed this to:


I am now getting the following warnings (The compiled file is clearly wrong in format):

./IETBook.cls: LaTeX Warning: You have requested document class `IETBook', but the document class provides `book'.
./fleqn.sty: LaTeX Warning: inputting `fleqn.clo' instead of obsolete `fleqn.sty'.
./IETBook.cls:765: Package crop Warning: Requested option `' not provided on input line 765.

What could be causing this issue?

Line referred to in third warning:

\if@cropmarkson \crop[cam,info] \fi

Best Answer

This means that the class file is IETBook.cls but has the line


presumably just copied without thought from the standard book class.

Or possibly it uses


instead of


which would make a similar warning.

As it's a publisher supplied class there is not much you can do other than complain to them and ask that they fix it.

You could of course fix it locally just putting the correct name into the \ProvidesClass line, but generally it's best not to edit publisher supplied classes. It should be fixed at source.

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