[Tex/LaTex] Using a big brace over multiple lines – multiple lines left of it


I am super helpless, I wanna do the following:

Mathmode, 2 lines on the left, a brace over both (using array) and than I wanna have 3 lines on the right. A small example:

\begin{array}{l l}
&H_0 : \theta  \in \theta_0\\
&H_1: \theta \in \theta_1 \end{array}
 \right \rbrace 
 \theta \in \Theta \theta_1 \cup \theta_0 = \Theta \\
 \theta_1 \cap \theta_0 = \empty 

Whereever there is only a spaceholder \ i rather wish a new line.
Any idea how to do that?

Best Answer

The mathtools package provides an environment called rcases; it behaves pretty much like the cases environment of the amsmath package does except that the curly brace is set at the right-hand end.

The following code uses both an rcases and an array environment:

enter image description here

\usepackage{mathtools} % mathtools loads the amsmath package automatically
H_0: & \theta =\theta_0 \in \Theta_0\\
H_1: & \theta =\theta_1 \in \Theta_1 
\begin{array}{r@{\;}l} % make space to RHS of \in and = symbols equal to that used for mathrel items
 \theta \in &\Theta  \\
 \Theta_0 \cup \Theta_1 = &\Theta \\
 \Theta_0 \cap \Theta_1 = &\emptyset
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