[Tex/LaTex] use the own classes and packages in ShareLaTex or Overleaf


I would like to use my own classes and packages in all my projects and I wonder if it's possible to do that, working with Overleaf or ShareLatex.

Of course, I don't want to paste my personal .cls and .sty in each project.

Thanks for helping me

Best Answer

On Overleaf, your custom .cls and .sty files still need to be in each project you want to use them with, either by uploading them to the project directly or by the "Add file from other project" function as a linked file.

Alternatively, you can first create a project that contains all your usual .cls and .sty files, and then use "Open a Copy" from your Overleaf dashboard to create clones from it. Each newly created project like this will then contain the custom .cls and .sty files.