[Tex/LaTex] Use several different fonts in latex beamer / change font for block title only


I want to use a specific font only for the headings. Does anybody know how to change the font (and I mean really the font, not only its appearance like bold, italic or so) for the beamer block title only?

In the code below I added an own block-environment where the font is selected manually. I would like to do the same for the default blocks (maybe the setbeamerfont command can be used for this but I have found no way to do so).

Furthermore, my own block has the deficit that it does not change its appearance according to the setbeamerfont command, i.e. if I select a bold font for the title, it changes the appearance of the ordinary block, but not my own one.


  \def\insertblocktitle{\fontfamily{LinuxLibertineO}\selectfont #1\par}% 
  \usebeamertemplate{block begin}} 
  \usebeamertemplate{block end}% 


\setbeamerfont{block title}{series=\bfseries}

\begin{block}{The quick brown fox jumps}
\begin{myblock}{The quick brown fox jumps}


Best Answer

Like so:


\setbeamerfont{block title}{family={\fontfamily{ptm}} }


  \begin{block}{in a block} 
  default font


You will find the commands used in the beamer guide. You could even use \setbeamerfont{block title}{family*={LinuxLibertineO}}.

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