[Tex/LaTex] undefined control sequence \abx@aux@sortscheme


I am trying to start a basic tex document with bibtex citations as follows:




However, when I run pdflatex mytexfile.tex I receive the error that \abx@aux@sortscheme is undefined. How can I resolve this?

Best Answer

The reported error \abx@aux@sortscheme being undefined is a consequence of changing options to biblatex or having removed the \usepackage[...]{biblatex} entry followed by recompilation.

@aux indicates that this setting is written to the .aux file, after changing or removing this entry is still left in the .aux file and causes the error message during the next run.

Solution: Delete the .aux file and recompile.

A similar error occurs when changing language options from babel.

Side note: \bibliography is a deprecated command in conjunction with biblatex -- use \addbibresource instead.