[Tex/LaTex] typesetting column vector


I would like to define a command which typesets a column vector.

For one vector I can have something like:


I would like the command to produce such a vector, for either 2 or 3 arguments. \colvec{a}{b}{c} should produce the same vector as above only with one more entry where \colvec{a}{b} will produce the above vector. How should I do it? I tried to overload a command name but that's impossible.

Best Answer

Note that you have extra space around your vector. You should probably using something like (pmatrix is part of the amsmath package)


The standard LaTeX \newcommand provides a way to have a single optional argument.


Note that you have to use \colvec[a]{b}{c} if you want three elements or \colvec{a}{b} if you want two.

As per your request in the comments, here's one that takes any number of elements based on the number passed in the first argument.


You use it exactly as you wanted, \colvec{5}{a}{b}{c}{d}{e}.