[Tex/LaTex] transferring inline citations from MS word to LaTex


I'm converting a MS Word document into a LaTeX document. I have >100 references and would like to know the easiest way to convert all the inline citations from my MS Word document to my LaTeX document.

I've already generated by BibTeX library and can convert each citation individually by hand if necessary. Is there a way that I can convert all my MS Word inline citations to the \cite{author,date} LaTeX format so that when I copy and paste into LaTeX the citations are recognized automatically? Do you have any other suggestions?

Best Answer

This article by Karsten Jahn is probably the best and simplest solution I came across: https://www.k-jahn.de/2012/02/22/exporting-a-word-library-to-latexbibtex/ <- broken link

Took less than 5 minutes to convert the whole bibliography. It can be used with recent versions of MS Word. Only difference is that you should place the file in


And you have to insert this element on line 90, as Markus Hartmeier pointed out in the comments - otherwise it won't appear in the list:

<xsl:template match="b:StyleNameLocalized">
  <xsl:text>Bibtex Export</xsl:text>