[Tex/LaTex] TikZposter table environment


The document class tikzposter does not have any specific environment for tables. The only way was to place it in

\begin{tikzfigure}[optional caption]
    ... % table here

which yielded in naming the caption as Fig instead of Tab.

Best Answer

The way to deal with it is to set a new counter for tables and define a new environment, e.g. based on tikzfigure. (I wonder why it is not implemented in tikzposter by default.)

  \def \rememberparameter{#1}
    {\small Tab.~\thetablecounter: \rememberparameter}

Then use it just like the environment for figures earlier.

\begin{tikztable}[optional caption]
    ... % table here

Now all the tables can be labeled separately from figures.