[Tex/LaTex] TikZ: draw line thickness less than 0.1 mm


In TikZ is it possible to draw lines thinner than 0.1 mm? ultra thin option gives line thickness 0.1 mm. I want to draw a pattern using line thickness 0.07 mm.

Best Answer

You can specify the line width. Here is a zoomed in view of the output so that one can see the difference:

enter image description here


  • As John Kormylo pointed out the tikz-pgf manual says about the "0 width" line:

    Line width: The “thickness” of the line. A width of 0 is the thinnest width renderable on the device. On a high-resolution printer this may become invisible and should be avoided. A good choice is 0.4pt, which is the default.

  • Obviously at some point the size difference won't be noticeable at all, especially in a print edition.




    \draw [line width=0.25mm, red ] (0,-1) -- (2,-1) node [right] {\SI{0.25}{\milli\meter}};;
    \draw [line width=0.1mm,  blue] (0,-2) -- (2,-2) node [right] {\SI{0.10}{\milli\meter}};;
    \draw [line width=0.05mm, red ] (0,-3) -- (2,-3) node [right] {\SI{0.05}{\milli\meter}};
    \draw [line width=0.01mm, blue] (0,-4) -- (2,-4) node [right] {\SI{0.01}{\milli\meter}};
    \draw [line width=0mm,   black] (0,-5) -- (2,-5) node [right] {\SI{0.0}{\milli\meter}};