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I'm a recent convert to TikZ from xy-pic, and am still trying to get a hang for it. I see that one can add labels to the end of arrows and the like using \node. Is there a way to add an arbitrary piece of text at a given position in the text, regardless of whether there is a shape there, a line there, or nothing at all? Thanks very much for your insight.

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In TikZ you can use nodes to place almost anything (in particular, text) in the position you want. In the following example I used the at construct to specify the exact position of the nodes using explicit coordinates:



\node[draw] at (0,0) {some text};
\node[draw,align=left] at (3,0) {some text\\ spanning three lines\\ with manual line breaks};
\node[draw,text width=4cm] at (2,-2) {some text spanning three lines with automatic line breaks};


I only used the draw option to make the nodes visible. Notice that in the second \node I used the align= key and then used the \\ command to enforce the line breaks at the desired positions. In the third \node, instead of specifying the line breaks "manually", I specified a width for the text and now the line breaking was made automatically.

enter image description here

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