[Tex/LaTex] “the remote package repository is not registered”


I'm getting this error and don't know how to fix it. Is there some way to specify a different package repository? I'm no expert on MikTex so I was hoping there was something easy. I tried running the install file again to see if there was an option but it won't overwrite/modify the old installation.

This is MikTex 2.9 on 64-bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

The two prior questions (package install changepage and choosing package repository) that seem to mention my problem were both closed by admins as "too localized". 🙁

Best Answer

Go to Repository>Synchronize and synchronize your packages. Worked like a charm for me. Apparently this could be caused by having an outdated Miktek version, but I didn't need to update this.