[Tex/LaTex] the difference between \dots and \ldots


Is there a difference between \dots and \ldots, the ellipsis?

If yes: Which? When to use \dots and when to use \ldots?

If no: Why are there both at all?

Best Answer

in latex.ltx, \ldots is equated (\let) to \dots. so in text, it's the same, and you can use either.

with amsmath, the situation is more complicated; \dots tries to determine by context (only in math mode) whether to use \ldots or \cdots, with several more options for the author if amsmath doesn't get it right.

so in general, it's easier to just use \dots and not have to remember the details. but if the alternative chosen by amsmath isn't appropriate, the original commands can still be used explicitly.