[Tex/LaTex] the best symbol for vector/matrix transpose


What is the best or most popular symbol for vector/matrix transpose? I have used simply ^T, for example $c^T x$. I think it is ugly, mainly because it is a little too big compared with vector variables usually denoted by lower-case characters. Can you suggest a better one?

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It's always difficult to answer questions for "the best" or "most popular". As is mentioned, these are typically opinions. But you did say that your objection was the fact that the "T" symbol was too big. Therefore, I would recommend the \intercal symbol to produce a "T" which isn't so big. Also, writing the vectors and matrices in bold seems, in my opinion, to make it look a little better. Try the following code:

$\mathbf{c}^\intercal \mathbf{x}$\\
$c^T x$\\

Screenshot from example above

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