[Tex/LaTex] Text missing from top of page: margins


When building and viewing LaTeX > PDF on TeXnic Centre, I am having run-over paragraphs missing the first line of text.

(by run-over I mean paragraphs that move onto a new page due to a pagebreak – automatic or manual, without change of chapter)

For instance, see below

missing text

How can I go about specifying that there should be white space at the top of such pages?

Edit: packages, etc. are


%% Language %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\usepackage[USenglish]{babel} %francais, polish, spanish, ...
\usepackage{lmodern} %Type1-font for non-english texts and characters

%% Packages for Graphics & Figures %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\usepackage{graphicx} %%For loading graphic files

Best Answer

Without a MWE, I could only speculate, but in order for me to re-create the top being cut off, I had to set the top margin to a negative value in the article class.

\usepackage[top = (desired length)in]{geometry}

With the option `[top = -.5in], the output was

enter image description here

Set to 0in it wasn't cut off

enter image description here

Finally set to .5in, the output was

enter image description here

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