[Tex/LaTex] texstudio spell checking


I encounter problems with spell checking with my texstudio. I've looked at some of the questions and answers in this website. I followed some of the instructions provided in the answers but still does not solve my problem.

I download the latest version (I think) of the texstudio-2.10.8.

Then I go to Options—>Configure TeXstudio. Then I looked at the "Language Checking" for the spell check and dictionaries, the screen shot is the following
enter image description here
I set the "Default Language" to be "en_GB" (originally, it was de_De). Then I clicked “Ok”. I think I am all set.

However, when I go back to my tex file, I choose part of a sentence "Note that the initial point" and then I go to "Tools"—>"Check Spelling", it tells me that it couldn't recognize the word "that", and suggest me to replace it by "tat". The screen shot is the following
enter image description here
This drives my crazy, I don't know where I missed something important.

Best Answer

It has been almost a year and this question has not been marked as answered yet, therefore, I have to point to the obvious solution of re-downloading the English dictionary, with a version that you are certain it is complete. New OpenOffice English dictionaries can be found in the link provided by @sreeraj t, also found here.

Then unzip the .oat file or, if you cannot do it directly, change the extension to .zip and unzip it to the directory that TexStudio is referencing. You should be all set.