[Tex/LaTex] TexStudio: How to use default icon for user command in toolbar


I defined a user command like this

enter image description here

And I add it to custom toolbar

enter image description here

But you see the icon is

enter image description here

What I want is to use icon of Pdflatex, like that in the "Tools" menu

enter image description here

How to do this?

Best Answer

Getting the Icon:

  1. The easiest way should be taking a screenshot. As the symbol will be displayed very small, bad quality should not matter that much. Maybe consider removing the background colour with a tool like gimp to get a transparent background.

  2. Getting it from the source of TeXStudio. Once downloaded the source ball contains a folder images-ng where all the icons can be found in .svgz format (alternatively it can be found online at https://sourceforge.net/p/texstudio/hg/ci/default/tree/images-ng/compile-pdf.svgz). Converting it to .png can be done e.g. with inkscape or google can find you online services to do so.

Replacing the Icon:

In the preference menu, you can change the icon simply with a right click.


Keep the image in the location you selected it from, otherwise you end up with a non existing icon - or in other words an empty space in the toolbar, you can only guess what command it is for.

enter image description here