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Sometimes my LaTeX document gets long and messy, and so it's hard for me to look through and find what I want. When I program, I usually have a macro in my IDE that creates a separator of comments to keep the code clean. I'm looking for something similar in TeXnicCenter. So it would insert the following


Or something to that effect. Now if TeXnicCenter doesn't have the capability of making macros like this, is there a way I could take advantage of the autocomplete system to do this? So I would add a custom command to the TeXnicCenter LaTeX XML files so that it would autocomplete with the percent signs. Does anyone know how to do this?

Best Answer

TeXnicCenter allows for the creation of "user text modules" that are initiated via a shortcut. To insert your own module, follow Insert>Own Text Modules>Manage Text Modules. Now you can enter a new one called (say) Separator:

Entering a new user text module in TeXnicCenter

Once you've established the correct "before cursor" and "after cursor" combination, it is accessible via the menu selection:

User text module accessible via menu

Or via the shortcut Alt+I+M+7 (in my case).

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