[Tex/LaTex] Texmaker not generating pdf everytime, but showing the same old pdf


I am new to TeXmaker and all its tools. I have my thesis template in LaTeX which I am trying to work on and am using Adobe Reader to view it. The problem is that Texmaker is generating a pdf file for the first time (which is OK), but does not generate it anytime later. When I delete the old pdf file (for deleting the pdf file, I need to close Texmaker every time), then again it generates the new pdf file. But once a pdf file is already there, it shows the same pdf file.

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A problem with using Adobe Reader to view the PDFs generated from a LaTeX-file, is that Reader locks the PDF-file so it cannot be edited. As a result, if you try to compile a LaTeX-document whose PDF is open in Reader, the compilation won't work.

The easiest way to avoid the issue is to not use Adobe Reader as long as you're working on the document. Texmaker has a built in PDF-viewer that you can use instead, active this by going to Options --> Configure Texmaker, and select "Built-in Viewer". If you really want to use Adobe Reader, you would have to close the PDF every time you compile the document.

If using windows 8.1 Adobe reader APP when closing the reader APP itself the file on the reader is still technically open.

To clarify, when in the APP reader right click and close the window corresponding to the file you are trying to update.

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