[Tex/LaTex] texi2pdf or texi2dvi in TexLive


This question originates from my question on StackOverflow, available here: https://stackoverflow.com/q/34916057/5782687

The problem, it seems to be, boils down to TeXLive not including an executable texi2pdf.exe which is why I've turned to tex.stackexchange to ask how I can install/get/acquire such a thing as it appears to be TeX specific. It comes pre-packaged with MiTeX, so there should surely be a way to get it for TeXLive too?

In the link here: http://www.inside-r.org/r-doc/tools/texi2pdf it says:

MiKTeX has a texi2dvi executable but no other Windows TeX installation that we know of does, so emulation is used on e.g. TeXLive installations on Windows.

I have read the texinfo package documentation, found here, but alas I'm none the wiser. I was also looking through bug reports lodged when MiTeX dropped texinfo support (for a short period only), but I didn't find a work around for Windows and texi2pdf is now supported again in MiTeX (tried it today on another machine).

I'm running Windows 10 and recently upgraded my TeX distribution to TeXLive 2015. For those who use R and TeXLive, the actual code I'm trying to run is:


Any help is extremely welcome, I don't want to change up my entire workflow just so I can use knit2pdf (which calls tools::texi2pdf) in R…

Best Answer

First of all, the statement about texi2dvi and Windows is plain wrong. W32TeX (http://w32tex.org/) also ships it. texi2dvi is a script from the texinfo package, which is not included in TeX Live because it should be packaged independently as it provides also the info reader and other tools not really related (for example it does create .info pages without using an TeX engine).

I guess all Linux distributions ship the texinfo package in one way or another, so it is easy to get there. Recent texinfo is heavily based on Perl, so I am not aware of an independent distribution for Windows, but as long as you search for a bit older one (4.13) then gnuwin32 is good enough a source.

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