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I convinced my girlfriend to write her thesis with Latex, so now whenever she gets stuck I'm the go to guy. Sadly she has requested something of me which I don't know either. She needs a table in which some of the cells are colored as it can be seen in the following image.enter image description here

I created this using paint, but obviously I would rather use a correct way of doing it. I found both examples of how to get the diagonal lines into a cell and how to get colored cells, but I haven't been able to combine the two.

Does anyone know a solution to this? The other alternative I thought of would be to create the table using latex, convert to pdf, load it into inkscape, add the lines and the colors and include it as a figure again. This would mean that I need to redo it every time the table changes though. I'm hoping this can be done in a more elegant way!

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Here's a solution using matrix of nodes from TikZ:






    \matrix (magic) [matrix of nodes,nodes={minimum width=3cm,minimum height=1cm,draw,very thin},draw,inner sep=0]
    {   8 & 1 & 6 \\
        3 & |[limon]| 5 & |[limon]| 7 \\
        4 & 9 & 2 \\
        \fill[lime,draw=black] (magic-2-1.north east) -- (magic-2-1.west) -- (magic-2-1.south east) -- cycle;




enter image description here

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