[Tex/LaTex] Table (tabu) rotate text sideways (90 degrees)


how can I rotate text in a tabu environment by 90 degrees? I export my tables from Excel using a plugin and it puts the text which should be rotated into \begin{sideways} ... \end{sideways} but Latex throws an error. Here is my code:





\begin{tabu} to \textwidth {X[L] X[L]}



% \begin{sideways}AAAAAA\end{sideways} & \begin{sideways}BBBBBB\end{sideways} \\




Best Answer

The sideways environment comes from the rotating package so the simplest thing to do is probably just add


rotating package is mainly a wrapper around the standard graphics package rotation preserving the syntax of a pre-latex2e package, but if you already have generated that markup there is no harm in using it.