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I wrote a long table with a label in a tex file and \input it into my main tex file. The reference in the main tex file to the table, however, does not show the numbering of the table but the one of the next table that are written directly in the main tex file. All long tables that are written directly in the main tex file have correct references. How to fix my problem? Must the label be defined in the same tex file as its reference?

The label is \label{tab:yy}, and the reference is \ref{tab:yy}, and every table has a distinct label.

Best Answer

This may or may not help, but I've had similar problems with figure references where the figure number inserted into the text in place of the \ref command was wrong. I managed to solve it by putting the \label inside the figure's \caption, viz:

\caption{Some caption.\label{fig:some-figure}}

It's difficult to say more without a more extensive example of what's going wrong, though!

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