[Tex/LaTex] Table Limit: Sweave


I'm running into an issue. It seems that when I try to output more than 17 or 18 tables to a pdf document the remaining tables are ignored. When I split them across multiple Rnw files, there is no problem loading any of them.

It's not returning any errors, nor does the output of the first 17 or 18 tables seem to be anything other than expected.

  • Windows 7 Pro
  • Miketex 2.29
  • RStudio (Using CompilePdf())
  • R Version 2.14.1

I'm using the following packages:




Any ideas? Or things that I can double check?

Best Answer

As others have pointed out, this is related to xtable() using the [ht] specification for table placement by default. This can be overridden, however. Rather than


in your Sweave file, you can specify

print(xtable(...), table.placement="!htp")

or any other specification. I often use "H" from the float package