[Tex/LaTex] Table and figure side-by-side with independent captions


Looking to put a table and a figure side by side so that the table and figure have their own captions. A crude sketch

 ------------              -----------------
  | a |  b |                     FIGURE
  | c |  d |
Table 2: Caption           -----------------
                           Figure 7: Caption

The closest I've gotten is:

\begin{tabular}{| l | r |} \hline
some & table\\

But that gives two Table X: Caption captions. I didn't find anything in subfig.


Best Answer

Use a floatrow environment of the package of the same name.


% Table float box with bottom caption, box width adjusted to content




  \caption{A figure}%
  \begin{tabular}{cc} \hline
  Author & Title \\ \hline
  Knuth & The \TeX book \\
  Lamport & \LaTeX \\ \hline
  \caption{A table}%


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