[Tex/LaTex] Suppressing page number in list of abbreviations in LaTeX report


I have a LaTeX report as follows in a file called Main.tex:








And I'm trying to create a list of abbreviations from the file Glossary.tex which is imported into Main.tex.

Glossary.tex is simply:

\chapter*{List of abbreviations}
\newacronym{jdbc}{JDBC}{Java database connectivity}
\newacronym{jsp}{JSP}{Java server pages}
\newacronym{sql}{SQL}{Structured query language}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{List of abbreviations} 

After doing this I am supposed to run this instruction at the Windows command line in the same folder as the LaTeX files:

makeglossaries main.tex 

But what I do find is that the abbreviations display with page numbers like this;

JDBC Java database connectivity. 14

So how can I surppress the page numbers and is it possible to use two columns for the abbreviations?

Best Answer

The page number list can be suppressed using the nonumberlist package option.


For two columns, try one of the mcol glossary styles. For example:

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